Saturday, 14 December 2013


'No Solution' is now up for sale at the Hardware Records shop-

10 songs, 12" vinyl, 500 copies (100 Green, 400 Black). Here's what Hardware have to say about it…

'Embracing influences from a wide variety of worldwide Hardcore, JACKALS dropped a bomb on their debut 12". The 7" already was a blast, but this one nails it to the cross. Fierce, negativity-ridden, stop'n go hardcore and top-notch artwork make this a sick release.'

You can also stream it on our bandcamp or the Hardware bandcamp, and download it for a couple of quid (or look for a blog which has it for free obviously). The records themselves come with lyrics, and I've posted some explanations of the ideas behind the songs on here as well.

We'll be doing a few weekenders and a release show at the start of next year, details of that will be here when they're sorted. We'll have our own copies up for sale around then too and if any UK distros want copies, let us know as we can get them all sent over from Germany in one go to save on postage.