Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Another split is in the works. We've had our songs for a while but the band we are doing it with just recorded their side. Hopefully it'll be out before the end of the year. 

We played a couple of gigs this weekend, one in Ashford, Kent which was an alldayer of sorts with lazers on the stage, although sadly not when we played. It was good, but as is often the case the soundman was utterly inept and we had to wait 15 minutes in a shop for some chips. We played Norwich the day after with No Fun who are a new band from Norwich with an average age of about 11 and Closure, which was good. 

Our next show is this Friday...

Man Hands have also been added to the show, they're good. 

We've got a few more shows lined up for the coming weeks as well, with hopefully one or two more to be added. You can see them all in the 'shows' section of the blog. 

We did a load of practices this last week and have quite a few new songs. They are the best stuff we've done so far and will be recorded at some point soon, at which time we should have more details of what will happen with them.