Saturday, 26 February 2011

Deptford and Brighton

The last couple of shows were probably some of the best we have played so far. Thanks to anyone who came and watched us and to our brothers in Baptists (RIP), Kasa, No Coast and Maths. Also to Kev and Darren for sorting the shows, much appreciated.

We're currently sorting some shows last minute for next weekend with Grazes. We've already got one lined up in Hull, which is an all-dayer on the Sunday and the others should be confirmed soon.

New songs are almost finished in terms of mixing, so we should have a new song up here soon. Also around the same time we can (finally) put up some details of how they will be released. So if you are interested, look out for that.

Our first 7" is close to selling out. Holy Roar, Dog Knights and a couple of other places are getting a final few copies to sell, and we also have a few left via and at future shows. Also we've reduced the price for some of our t-shirts in order to make way for our spring/summer collection and we have some patches up for cheap.